#ValentineIt with Alissar
Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s time to celebrate love with your significant other - and what better way to do so than by gifting them beautiful blooms? At Alissar, we've long been witness to the magic that flowers can bring to...
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How To Take Care of Your Orchids
With their majestic appeal, striking elegance and refined beauty, orchids are one of nature’s most magnificent works of art. Since Ancient Greece, these tall and exotic blooms have symbolized beauty, love, luxury, fertility and strength. With nearly 28,000 species, orchids...
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Creating Your Own Flower Arrangement
The world of flowers is truly enchanting and infinite; a timeless gesture for conveying different emotions and expressing heartfelt sentiments - whether love, affection, gratitude, sympathy, apology or anything in between. Flowers are also a great way to liven up...
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